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Opportunistics is a moving-image installation, based on the autonomic programmes that interrupts in and manipulates the seemingly calm scenes in opportunistic manners. It comes with some pieces of daytime clouds in a sunny sky, but they are suddenly interrupted by a rainy twilight sky, accompanied by environmental ambience and mixed sounds of sea, rain, flowing air, footsteps and subtle reading voice. The main theme of this work is to reflect and question our sense of time and its meanings.  


Lemniscape at Junction 4 Mansion

Lemniscape, which name means ‘infinite landscape’, is a live movie installation with computational animation that runs without an end, just like a Japanese emaki (picture scroll). Treasure every scenery for it will never recur.    

O – [am]

am [ O - ]

O – [am] is a visual-musical toy application on the computer. It weaves a tapestry on the screen with colourful threads, according to your playing music with the keyboard, where sound-key map is hidden. Good for kids and any grown-ups with curious minds.